Thursday June 11, 2015
Ever since TV really took off in the 1950’s medical dramas have made popular viewing, from Dr Kildare and Emergency Ward 10 through to Casualty and Holby.

With 15 guests already springing from Team Manager John’s Big Book of Speedway Averages and Rider Replacement looking for votes for Mr Rocket, the time is surely right for a new hospital based blockbuster set in Hoddesdon. You can imagine the scene a quiet Saturday night in A&E (Ok I know chance would be a fine thing) when suddenly the doors burst open and in limps a figure dressed in a race suit struggling for breath and holding his shoulder.

“Doctor!” shouts a Nurse “We’ve got another one.”
“Quick take him to the Len Silver Ward” replies the Doctor
“ He’ll be at home there with his team mates.”

I’m sure ‘Emergency Ward Len’ would get the viewers buzzing but maybe its too close to the truth at the moment with Young Kasper the latest to join the injured list thanks to a broken collarbone. With the ‘A’ Train still in the siding thanks to broken ribs and Steve having aggravated an old shoulder injury its been a familiar tale over the past couple of months. Eddie almost had a starring role but thankfully his hand healed quickly after the ‘con rod’ incident and even happy occurrences such as the arrival of Robin’s baby son have had a big hospital influence. There must be times when Uncle Len wonders if he ran over a couple of black cats over the winter or inadvertently smashed the bathroom mirror while the infamous Big Book of Averages is already in need of a retread! In the words of Ray Charles “ If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck I’d Have No Luck At All.” Perhaps a fitting song to follow Those Magnificent Men while we’re waiting for Heat one.

Despite many hours in casualty and our fair share of pain killers the lads can take a bit of pride from the fact that they’re still in contention for a play off place and have a KO Cup Quarter Final to look forward to. I must say I was as surprised as anyone when the Bandits ambushed our friends from up the road. On the one hand a local derby would have been nice, but on the other hand at least we won’t get a convoy of tractors gumming up the car park.

Up The Rockets!