Wednesday March 23, 2016
Wow what a week and as I’m writing this its only Wednesday!

I know Vesprini has its place in the match night programme but my conscience has been pricked to produce a bit more for the website so hopefully things will be a bit more regular from now on. Well who would have thought the Devils appearance in Hoddesdon on Saturday might prove to be their last anywhere. I sincerely hope they can sort something out as we can’t afford to lose any teams from our sport. Its ironic that with all the positive things happening around the club at the moment the visitors showed the other face of speedway. Saturday was also the night that the much trumpeted opening of the National Speedway Stadium should have occurred and we all know what happened there! I bet the boys at Speedway Star were cursing, two massive stories in the week the Big Issue is due out. Talking of which a quick heart felt plea not to take this years predictions too seriously its just a bit of fun honest. As usual mine have been compiled with the help of a blind fold and a trusty pin, well why change the habit of a lifetime!

There’s a change of plan for our lads as well with a trip to the Oak Tree Arena hastily arranged for Good Friday ahead of the return against the Rebels on Monday in what at the moment looks like being a two meeting shoot out for a place in the League Cup semi finals. It always looked as if the groups were spread too thinly but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Now spare a thought for young George who was so enthusiastic about the season when I spoke to him on Press & Practice Day but now finds himself sidelined for up to six weeks after coming to grief on Saturday. Hopefully the legendary Brian Simpson will weave his magic and get the lad back to us sooner. The Raiders will go into Monday’s opener without him and Rob B who’s still down under for his sisters wedding. Hopefully he won’t arrive at the church dressed in kevlars but who knows! That’ll give Team Manager Peter some early work to do in finding a suitable guest, hope he’s got the big book of speedway averages handy. He might need an umbrella handy as well if the forecast is to believed.

Yes for four months of the year it can rain frogs for all I care but come the start of the season you can find me gazing into the sky trying to study the cloud patterns. “Will you give in you’re no Michael Fish!” Mrs H tells me which if you can remember back to the events of 1987, when his ‘no hurricane’ forecast resulted in the loss of my entire garden fence, is probably a good thing. Its just the lot of every speedway fan to be obsessed with the weather. Fingers crossed the wind blows in the right direction and we get our Easter fix.

Up The Rockets & Raiders