Tuesday September 11, 2018
The Lakeside Hammers face an emotional weekend of THREE crucial meetings in two days, with the latter two now set to be staged at Rye House!

The Hammers have staged only one home meeting since July 17th through weather and date issues, and are racing to catch up with a busy conclusion to the season. They will bid an emotional farewell to the Arena Essex Raceway this Friday when they face Glasgow – and the following night they will have a double header at their new Rye House base with Newcastle at 7pm followed immediately by Peterborough.

That’s 45 races of crucial home action at two different venues and the double header gives speedway starved fans of both Hammers and Rye House – who saw their season end early – to see what they’ve been missing!

Hammers promoter Jon Cook said: “Away from the emotion of our Farewell to the Raceway Friday and the excitement of Hammers in the House Saturday we’ve still got Play-Offs to qualify for and the Panthers are eyeing first spot.

“Following our barren spell, we’ve gone from one foot in the Play-Offs to a big toe, so Will Pottinger and the team are going to be closeted away from the off-track logistics and excitement to concentrate on the job in hand of nine potential points and nothing for any visitors.”