Wednesday January 07, 2015
Now how do we even begin to describe the month of June without using the words, horrible, depressing, and forgettable.

It couldn’t have got off to a worse start with a 66-26 thumping at the Oak Tree Arena sending a Young Norman less Rockets back up the motorway with their tails firmly between their legs. 24 hours later I was left looking up the big book of embarrassing home defeats as the Rebels inflicted our worst Hoddesdon pummelling in 23 years. What made it even more frustrating was that 38 of Somerset’s 59 points came from former Rockets Stuart Robson, Olly Allen, Pontus Aspgren and Paul Starke while our guest Sam Simota who’d performed so well for Plymouth earlier in the year had a complete mare.

Injuries, loss of form and those esteemed gentlemen at the FIM were all responsible for what followed in the rest of the month. Stefan Nielsen moved closer to scooping the annual Frank Spencer Award from Luke by clashing with James Sarjeant while fast tracking which left many fans wondering if his signing had really been a mirage. That and the ruling that Matthieu could only be replaced by a National League guest had Team Manager John reaching for the headache tablets. Our amiable Frenchman was caught in the ultimate catch 22, ride grasstrack in Europe in an event not recognised by the FIM or get banned by the none too hospitable French federation leaving the Rockets high and dry.

Two victories over Glasgow did little to lift the mood as a 53-37 defeat in bonny Scotland made sure the KO Cup wasn’t on the agenda for the rest of the year. As we moved into July a defeat at Sheffield was followed by another home humbling this time at the hands of a Workington team who’s previous record around our Hoddesdon home was about as convincing as ours up at Derwent Park. Yet more former friends were on hand to pile on the misery that night with both Kasper Lykke and Simon Lambert in the visitors line up. By that stage it certainly looked as if Uncle Len would need to prepare a big pot for the receipt of the wooden spoon as the league table took particularly unhealthy viewing.

The gloom at least was lifted on a fine afternoon on the 13th July as Luke celebrated a cracking testimonial and thankfully didn’t send me to the divorce court. For more years than I can remember Mrs H has played the part of speedway and football widow so when I informed her our loyal lads big day just happened to coincide with her birthday she barely batted an eye as I was off down the A10. An afternoon of fine racing a sighting of Webby’s union jack trousers and a few good one liners from Camera Ken and all was right with the world again. You only had to see the smile on the lads face afterwards to know how the day had gone. It was back down to earth with a bump at Scunthorpe 5 days later before the good old British weather gave Uncle Len some time to think and it was goodbye to Matthieu and Stefan but hello to an old friend....