Sunday March 22, 2015
Well, what can I say and that was only Heat 2! If this season continues the way its started we’ll certainly have a lot to talk about.

Before I get into the wasn’t that a red helmet that came second argument I must say I enjoyed opening night. Having turned up at Press & Practice Day I couldn’t help being a bit frustrated I mean if the works on the bends were started this time last year I wouldn’t have had to pay for the hardcore for the conservatory! So hats off to the team that made things look presentable and start to give us an idea of how good the old place will look when its all finished. Personally I’ve never liked sitting on the bends which probably dates back to an ill fated trip to West Row Mildenhall where a piece of shale the size of a melon (OK a golf ball) evaded my Rockets programme board and struck me on the head. Then again it probably did me a favour to feel light headed for the rest of the afternoon as I seem to remember we got a bit of a tanking that day. Now there’s just the matter of our least favourite pole that blocks the first bend from the commentary box...

I can’t remember having so much to talk about after an opening meeting that didn’t revolve around injuries for ages. The lads looked sharp and that wasn’t just their snazzy race suits. I think we can already see that young Nicolaj has a real shot at living up to that seven point average. After his machine tried its best to ruin his debut Robin was flying as well. He was certainly all smiles in the pits afterwards although he had no idea why his bike had thrown a little wobble in Heat 1 but who cares as he said the rest wasn’t too bad.

So OK lets get it out of the way, Heat 2. Well the view from the video box was that Stefan’s bike decided it didn’t want to go much further forcing Young Kasper to lay down his machine in order to avoid a nasty collision. That left Nico to take the win with the Bowen 747 behind. When a 5-1 was awarded to the Witches I must admit I took a quick look at my water bottle to make sure nobody had slipped something in while I was commentating! Well everyone makes mistakes but its rare that they are admitted and scores adjusted accordingly, footballers aren’t reintroduced after being wrongly dismissed and goals that never hit the net aren’t chalked off. So we have to give credit to the referee who put things right. After that I thought the boys did well against a tough team, Heat 13 was a particular highlight with places changing at will producing the kind of race where everybody deserves something.

The result was fair in the end the only thing anyone could moan about was the weather at one point it was so cold I thought Berwick were in town! Perhaps that explains why Webby decided against wearing the Union Jack trousers, but then again it could be time for a whole new wardrobe with an Anglo Scandinavian theme, with that image in mind its definitely time to go.....

Up The Rockets!


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