Monday March 30, 2015
A partial eclipse and a second win in two years at the East of England Showground its been a funny old month…

Well what a weekend! During the 1980’s and early 90’s trips to Peterborough were filled with nothing but trepidation. The fact that you could fit our little track onto the Owlerton centre green, and still have room to mow the grass resulted in our lads suffering a few serious tankings. There was many a post mortem in the Little Chef on the A1, reflecting on where it had all gone wrong, one night we even had to reflect on a 15 point maximum from Glen Baxter which still didn’t give us an elusive win. Last year we finally broke the duck that had stretched back to 1980, unfortunately it proved the ultimate false dawn.

So to last Friday, other commitments kept me away from a table in the corner at the Little Chef so it was RyeHouse updates who did a brilliant job on Twitter. It was a nervous couple of hours which had Mrs H enquiring “why does your phone keep beeping?” “We’re at Peterborough and the lads are 5 points up!” I replied to be greeted with that kind of look that says ‘I’ve got another 7 months of this!’ As she turned her attention back to a re-run of last nights Eastenders I was vaguely aware of Sharon Watts shouting in the background when the news came through of Olly Allen’s accident. I must admit it did take the shine off things a bit but unfortunately its a part of the sport we love we can’t get away from it and with everyone I hope Olly makes a speedy recovery. Heat 15 finished I punched the air and went to bed muttering “we just won at Peterborough by 11 points….we just etc”

TwentyFour hours later and the Rebel army with their confederate flags were in town. Recent meetings with Somerset have filled us with dread as much as trepidation, they’ve certainly seemed a long way from that glorious night in 2005 when we clinched the league title against the Rebels. Up in the commentary box the general view was we’d do well to get away with a narrow win, but then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something. As visions go it wasn’t everyones cup of tea, but the sight of Webby in full Union Jack gear certainly did the trick. Now I admit its a far from scientific study but you’ll find that when the Union Jack trousers come out of the wardrobe we rarely lose. Saturday was no exception with the boys sending a signal to those people who’d rated us as 25-1 shots for the title while others had even mentioned a wooden spoon double.

I know Team Manager John will be saying its far too early to get carried away but I’m sure I detected a slight smirk on his face after the Rebels had been sent packing. It was a cracking night in the box, which culminated in one of the best finishes we’ll see all season in Heat 15. Quite how Camera Ken kept such a steady hand as Nicolaj flew round Leigh Lanham I’ll never know, I was in danger of going into Nigel Pearson hyperbole at the time. Talking to NBJ afterwards he calmly said “I was going to settle for second but then I thought I’d go for it.” Didn’t he do just that! Three wins under the belt and more buzz about the place than a field of beehives its no wonder Warren had a smile as bright as the new floodlight bulbs as I walked back to the car park muttering “we beat Somerset by 17 points, we beat Somerset by…….”

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